About Mortgage Loans OD/MTL

The Sailent Features are

  • Eligibility : Individuals/businessmen/traders/contractors/professionals.
  • Amount : need base * security; mortgage of landed property agr land in very exceptional cases at the discretion of the board margin, 40% on the valuation of the property.
  • Interest 18%.
  • Repayment : Loan is sanctioned in 2 tiers
  • Mtl single transaction limit repayable 36/60 months by monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual installments
  • Od running limit renewable in every 12 months.


  • Legal scrutiny report by banks approved lawyer.
  • Valuation report by banks approved valuer original sale deed.
  • Rr pt sheets upto date ec no interest to be paid as and when will be charged for delayed period and delayed amount borrowers personally visit the sub registrar office to execute simple mortgage deed appropriate stamp duty and registration fees to be borne by borrower.