About Fixed deposit/ cash certificate deposit (double scheme) / Jatra special deposit schemes

  • Eligibility :Individuals/Joint/Minor/Co Op Societies/Organisations/Institutions etc.
  • Production of simple KYC and resolution and rules and bye-laws where ever applicable.
  • Int, at maturity with principle amount monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly/annually also paid according to the convenience of the depositors.
  • The depositor having already SB accounts need not submit KYC photo.
  • Nomination facility also available.
  • Premature closure also permitted on request.
  • Loan facility also available on the balance outstanding with accrued int at the time of granting loan.
  • TDS will be deducted as per applicable rules.
  • Can be opened by the minors represented by guardian/illiterates/physically hand capped persons/widows etc.
  • Preferential interest at 0.5% over and above rates applicable will be paid to senior citizens/widows/physically handicapped/and ex-service men.
  • Double scheme 6 years(72 months) for general and for senior citizens 5 years and 8 months (68 months).

Rate of Intrest


31- 90 days


91 Days To 1 Year


1 Year and above up to 5 Years


5 Years and Above